We have two adult programs at CrossFit Factorial, and all are included at no additional cost to members on our unlimited plans. In addition to these offerings, we offer an All-Girls Teen CrossFit class on Sundays at 11:15am.

CrossFit Program

Our CrossFit programming is a general physical preparedness program (often referred to as GPP). It efficiently combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and High Intensity Cardio. Our CrossFit programming is varied in terms of movements used for each workout, time spent working out, and repetition volume, and we also provide our members with three difficulty levels for each workout so that everyone is challenged appropriately.

Competitor CrossFit Program

Our competitor program is an extension of our CrossFit program. It includes five days of additional workouts each week with two intentional rest days for recovery. The additional strength, conditioning, and skill work within this program are intended to be completed during Open Gym either before or after the CrossFit (class) workout of the day. Therefore, a member doing this program should expect to do the one-hour class WOD in addition to 30-60 minutes of training volume before or after class, five times per week.  

While intensity is more important than volume for general fitness, we recognize that for those among us who want to make CrossFit their sport, additional volume focusing on skill development and strength is necessary.

All-girls Teen CrossFit Class

Our All-Girls Teen CrossFit Class, taking place each Sunday at 11:15am, is a program uniquely tailored for young ladies. Our classes are structured so that there is no need to do our CrossFit Fundamentals program as a prerequisite. Each class is focused on building towards a great workout, which means that they will be led through a warm-up, coached through technique on bodyweight and weighted functional movements, and be challenged with a different workout each and every week. Click here to sign up.

Our Facility

3734 Touhy Avenue
Skokie, IL 60076

  • 10,000 sf facility

  • Four individual shower rooms and changing areas

  • Kitchenette with lounging area and wifi

  • Separate children's room (unsupervised)

  • 8,000 sf of workout space

  • 54' rig for classes

  • 34' rig dedicated for open gym use

  • Some of our equipment:

    • Assault Bikes, Assault Runners, Concept2 Rowers, Concept2 SkiErgs

    • Climbing ropes, rings, parallettes, jump ropes, medicine balls, slam balls, yokes, sleds, sandbags, jerk blocks, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, foam plyometric boxes, glute-ham developers


At CrossFit Factorial, you will find a path to live healthier, passionate coaches to challenge and guide you along the way, and a community that always has your back.