Change your body and feel amazing with Factorial’s Nutrition Program led by Coach Heather!

Be nourished.  Eat more, not less.  But better. With knowledge, guidance, and accountability, you will attain confidence and start walking into grocery stores and restaurants knowing exactly what you should eat to feel and look amazing! There are a lot of programs out there telling you what NOT to eat or how to replace meals with supplements, but what if we could attain this confidence through learning what TO eat? Coach Heather provides you with tools for building life-long healthy eating habits, using real food—one pain free step at a time!

Stop the hunger games and start nourishing your body and achieving your health and fitness goals!

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Why Factorial Nutrition Coaching?

1. Results.

Here are a few of the many transformations within our community.

2. Experience.

The Nutrition Program is run by Heather Refenes, a CrossFit Level 2 Coach, Precision Nutrition Certified, and SWC Certified Body Composition & Sports Nutrition Specialist. Read her story here.

3. Community Support.

You will not only have the accountability support from Coach Heather, but also from Factorial’s health and fitness driven community and coaching staff.

Nutrition Path

Get Started With: Custom Nutrition - 3 month commitment

Your customized nutrition program provides personalized guidance based on your lifestyle, activity level, health, history, and your goals.  

  • The program begins with a 60-minute meeting, during which Coach Heather will learn about your preferences and current routine in order to best fit sound nutrition into your life. You can expect to get personalized macronutrient goals and calorie amounts, weekly food log checks, and accountability check-ins.

  • An Inbody scan (body composition analysis), pictures, and measurements are taken during the 60-minute initial consultation, and then every 4 weeks for the 3-month duration.

  • Check-ins are every week via text or email, and in-person goal setting session is done every 4 weeks.

  • Unlimited access to Coach Heather during the program.

Continue Progress With: Wellness Membership

After your Custom Nutrition Program, you can continue with Coach Heather as a monthly Wellness Factorial member.  

  • Continued nutrition customization.

  • Bi-weekly/weekly food log checks and electronic check-ins.

  • In-person goal setting and problem solving conversation with Inbody scan, pictures, and measurements once a month.

Live Fit Nutrition Challenge - 6 weeks

We run nutrition challenges 3x a year in January, May, and September. Nutrition Challenges are 6-weeks long, and the only cost is the cost of the before/after Inbody scans.  

  • Receive a Nutrition 101 seminar

  • Team accountability via a simple scoring system

  • Biggest Loser winner and Winning Team

  • Weekly raffle for achieving weekly healthy habit challenges

  • Focus on eating wholesome foods and cutting back on processed food with added sugar and alcohol.  Our goal is progress, not perfection, so even if you have a wedding, birthday, etc., you can still participate and get great results in this challenge.

  • Read more here

Schedule a FREE 15-minute nutrition consultation with Coach Heather to find out how our nutrition program will help you meet your goals.